Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peace Education Center (PEC) Features Efrén's Case in Summer 2008 Newsletter

Click here to download the Peace Education Center (PEC) Summer 2008 edition of the Peace Notes newsletter which features information about Efrén's case on pages 2, 4, and 5. The print version of Peace Notes is being mailed to 600 people.

Included in each mailer is a Free Efrén postcard that recipients can sign and mail to the Governor asking her to grant Efrén's commutation request. We are grateful to the PEC, its Board of Directors, and members for supporting our efforts to obtain justice for Efrén and restore his much deserved freedom.

You are encouraged to also visit the PEC web site to learn more about their organization and the courageous work they are doing to help combat social injustice and help create a better world. Their web site is www.peaceedcenter.org. Efrén strongly supports their efforts.

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