Thursday, September 11, 2008

Efrén to be Interviewed Next Tuesday by Documentary Producer as Subject of JLWOP Documentary

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 Efrén will be interviewed by a film producer from London, United Kingdom who is producing a documentary about the need to abolish juvenile life without parole sentences in the USA. The person interviewing Efrén is an award winning television producer working mainly with the BBC. This followed a career in radio and photo-journalism.

Efrén was selected as one of the over 2,200 prisoners in the USA who are serving life without parole sentences for crimes they were convicted of committing when they were juveniles. He is one of only a few prisoners in the country, and the only prisoner in Michigan, being interviewed for the documentary.

The producer will also be interviewing Efrén's private investigator, Paul Ciolino, family members, one of Efrén's high school teachers, members of the The Injustice Must End (TIME) Committee, and others who support Efrén's innocence and release.

This will be the second international interview Efrén has participated in within the past 30 days. His last interview was with a Latino radio station in Toronto, Canada. Efrén's interview will occur three months since the date Efrén was interviewed by a Parole Board member to discuss his commutation request.

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