Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jack Ebling Interviews Efrén on WILS 1320 AM About City of Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission Condemning His Sentence as Human Rights Violation

Jack Ebling, WILS 1320 AM Lansing radio show host, interviewed Efrén this evening, Wednesday, January 7, 2008. They discussed the recent news that the City of Berkeley (California) Peace and Justice Commission passed a recommendation condemning Efrén's sentence as a human rights violation.

The Commission joined in solidarity with 192 nations of the world who have condemned the imposition of life without parole sentences on juveniles as a violation of several international treaties which the U.S. is a member party to.

The Commission will now submit a proposed resolution to the Berkeley City Council to consider adopting later this month. Similar proposed resolutions will be introduced in other municipalities across the nation as well.

Click the play button on the left side of the flash player below to listen to the interview.

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