Friday, June 5, 2009

Efrén Appears on Thousand Kites National Radio Broadcast

Efrén appeared on the Thousand Kites national radio broadcast June 4, 2009 to discuss his wrongful conviction and the subject of juvenile life without parole sentencing in the USA. He spoke to Thousand Kites six months to the day after his December 4, 2008 public hearing.

Efrén discussed the issue of juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) sentences, the state legislation pending in Michigan to abolish these sentences, and the upcoming U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing in Congress to consider legislation to abolish the practice as well.

Click on the following link to visit the page where you can hear Efrén's interview:

Thousand Kites is a national dialogue project addressing the criminal justice system. By being involved with Kites you will become part of a national movement to use the power of art to reform our criminal justice system and to talk about human rights in the United States. Using video, theater, radio, and the web as tools, you can bring people together to support organizing efforts and share experiences with the criminal justice system.

To learn more about Thousand Kites and how you can support its mission, please visit A special thanks to Julia Taylor for arranging the interview.

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